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Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:33 am

Hi everybody,
The Spam team would like to introduce its new competition to you: Spam Championship.

The principle behind it is very simple:
Type: solo
Map Style: Tech, between 40 and 45 seconds
Maps: 8 maps for the whole competition
Limit of registrations: No limit
Length of one edition: 10 days (from Friday to Sunday of the week after)

The competition will take place in 3 phases:

- Qualification phase (from Friday to the next Friday): Drive records on all 8 maps on a TA server. The best will directly qualify for the finals while others will go to semi-finals. The rest will be eliminated (the number of drivers eliminated and qualified will depend on the number of participants).

- Semi-finals: The semi-finalists will compete in a mode similar to Cup mode. Indeed, as soon as a player wins a round on a map, he will be qualified for the finals and won't have to continue driving in the semi-finals. Of course, the number of players who will be able to qualify for the finals will be limited. Only half of the semi-finalists will go to the finals. Two semi-finals will be played: one on Saturday 21:00 CEST, the other on Sunday 16:00 CEST.

- Finals: The finals will take place on Sunday 21:00 CEST in cup mode, and will last between 30 and 45 minutes.

It is important to know that an edition will last for 10 days (from Friday to the following week's Sunday) but that multiple editions will take place during the year. A general ranking of all the editions will allow us to declare a season's winner.

More information, like the website's address to register, will be communicated at a later date. The first edition is set to begin on the 31st of March (you can register starting from the 27th of March).

Looking for maps:
- Tech style
- Length: 40-45 seconds
- Send your maps to
- Limit date for sending your maps: Monday the 20th of March 2017

Team Spam

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