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ΛИΣ Core-Team
ΛИΣ Core-Team
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Thu May 18, 2017 6:38 am

Hey thanks for all of the kind words guys :)

shamboo thats very nice to hear!
Ace atm i have no clue about BTB. maybe you we get to talk sometimes in the near future, always interested in sharing the old memories :D

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ΛИΣ Admin
ΛИΣ Admin
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:12 pm

Yo Easy!!

The time has come to get changed into your new uniform :D



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ΛИΣ Core-Team
ΛИΣ Core-Team
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Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:19 am

Congratz easy !
Enjoy your trip in ANE Airlines
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Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:45 am


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Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:58 am

Congratz easy....
Have some nice fun in this fantastic team...and many winssss.

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Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:38 pm

Awesome Easy! Welcome :D

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ΛИΣ Admin
ΛИΣ Admin
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Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:24 pm

Changed your forum colors too now ^^ forgot that. Welcome mate see you around<3
"Classic Idiot"

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